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FileUploader is a component that allows you to upload files.


Basic usage

To use a fileUploader, simply add the <FileUploader /> tag to your component.

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You can change the size of a fileUploader input by setting the size property to sm, md, or lg.



Set the disabled boolean property on a fileUploader to give it a grayed out appearance, remove pointer events, and prevent focusing.

I am disabled


Set the readonly boolean property on a fileUploader to prevent choosing a file. readonly inputs can still be focused and selected, while disabled inputs cannot.



You can set the valid or invalid boolean properties to apply the valid or invalid state to a fileUploader.

state is not set for this:
this is valid state:
this is invalid state:


Limit file types that a user can select.

only choose .png files.
only choose png, jpg or gif files.
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Allow choosing Multiple files.

Choose multiple files by holding Ctrl key.
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