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Use Checkbox if you want to allow users to select more than one option from a set of predefined options or to turn an option on or off.



You can use the label property to display in front of the checkbox. Also, you can use the default slot to display a custom label.



Checkbox can have description, to display the description below the checkbox. description can have custom color. Also, you can use the slot name="description" to display a custom description.

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Checkbox can have custom color, you can use the color property to set the backgroung color of the checked one.



Checkbox can be disabled, to disable the checkbox use the disabled boolean property.



Checkbox can be indeterminate, to set the checkbox indeterminate use the indeterminate boolean property.



Checkbox can be inline, to display the checkbox in the same line with the sibling element. Use the inline boolean property.



Put checkboxes on the opposite side with the reverse boolean property.